Friday, April 4, 2014

Guest Post: David's Top Ten - Part 2

     Here is the second half of my top ten.   It really has been difficult to choose, but I’ve enjoyed going back through the photos, with the images sparking memories of how Debi has worked through each project, and the fun we’ve had on the photo shoots.  It's been interesting developing our communication as "model" and "photographer," and I've enjoyed seeing its progression affecting the quality of the images over time.

6. The 1939 'Marlene Suit Jacket' (McCall No.3260)
     I believe this was Debi’s first attempt at a suit jacket, and she did an amazing job.  It’s not easy (and I know this first-hand).  I love the patterned wool, and the cut of the whole suit really works on Debi – it’s playful but serious when needed, just like her.  This was also a particularly enjoyable photo session.  She totally nailed the pose.   This brings me to…

7. The 1941 'Yipppppeeeeee Trousers' 
(in navy, brown tweed, green and black) (Simplicity No.3688)

     Definitely one of the most versatile and oft-worn of her sewing creations, these trousers really suit her, and paired with her collection of “me-made” blouses, and Ness Tweed Jackets, it’s a good everyday look.  The current Ness Tweed Jacket collection can be viewed at their site.

8. The 1943 'Raspberry Sorbet Dress' (McCall No.5384)

     I thought this dress looked amazing when she made it, and I hope it makes a comeback this Spring.  I really like the colour on Debi, as well as the details in the sleeve caps and pockets, and the short yoke across the top.

9. The 1940 McCall dress (No.3638)

     This dress is another staple of Debi’s wardrobe, and I love both the fit and flow of this particular fabric.  I also really like Debi’s choice of buttons.   The grey goes well with her Ness jackets, shoes, and bags.  You can see posts of those pairings here.
     I remember her finishing this dress, then quickly donning her wellies as we ran out to climb East Lomond Hill, hoping to catch the light, leaning on me to change into her shoes, as it was muddy.  The view from the hill was great, and we got some interesting images.  
     I also liked it paired with her The 1940 '
Faux Bunny Love Jacket' (Simplicity No.3529).

10.  The 1952 'Now or Never Halter Top' (Simplicity No.3879)

     I haven’t seen Debi wear this one in a while but as it’s been winter, I’m not really surprised.   Hopefully it’ll re-emerge later this Summer, if we get halter top weather.  
     I enjoyed helping her with this one, making the belt out of a Ness tartan scarf, to match her shoes and purse.   We took theses photos on a trip up to St Andrews, in the ruins of the Cathedral.
"This one goes to 11…"

11. The 1939 'Lady of the Lake Dress' (McCall No.3228)

     I love the look of this patterned fabric on Debi (it's very silky as well),  the details of the mother-of-pearl buttons and buckle, and the small, white ruff at the collar.   This was a great photo shoot, where we got out on the rocks into theWater of Leith, with the sun streaming through the trees.

Honourable Mention:
     Well, I could quite easily go on, as there are more of her “me-made” creations that certainly warrant mention on a “Top” list.   If Debi needs another guest post, I'll continue the list with the above outfits.

     Of my own wardrobe, my favourite item of clothing is one I’ve only worn once but so much went into it that we will have to find another formal occasion that requires it:  It’s the Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket Debi made for me on the eve of my graduation from The University of St Andrews.   It fits incredibly well, and the detail is flawless – Debi put even more care into it than she usually does, and it shows.   

     We stayed up all night the night before the ceremony, trying to get the lapel right – a real struggle, but a good learning experience, and the outfit turned out amazing.   The midnight blue British wool we found was perfect, and it looks “blacker than black” in photos, which is why the colour was a popular choice for formal wear in the 1930s and 40s.   A very special outfit that I will always treasure. 

     Well, that's me done - thanks for your patience while Debi's been away.   She'll be back next week with more of her own posts.


  1. I love the raspberry dress and the pretty purple dress in the Honourable Mentions. So pretty!

  2. Thank you for these posts. It's not only nice to be reminded of so many of Debi's lovely creations... It's great to read of the loving support and admiration of the man beside the seamstress ;)

  3. gorgeous and pretty as always~!!


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