Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guest Post: David's Top Ten - Part 1

     Hey, all!
     Debi is traveling on business this week, so she’s asked me to do a guest post.  

     I’ve chosen my top ten favourite outfits; a very difficult task, believe me, as I’ve loved her sewing projects, and delighted in watching how her skills have improved with time, practice, and helpful advice from other sewists.

     I’ll admit to being partial to the 1930s fashions:  I think Debi looks great in them.   I love the 1940s McCall patterns too but I really enjoy the silhouette and drape of the 1930's patterns on her.  Here are the first five of my favourites:

1. The 1939 'Birthday Dress’ (McCall No.3560) 

     Without a doubt, this is my favourite of Debi’s collection.   The simplicity of the lines, the fit, the fabric she chose, and the hairstyle… va-va-va-VOOOM!   I’m a lucky man, oh yes, I am.  

     I particularly like the pleats on the sleeve caps, the stand up collar and the drape of the twelve-gore skirt.   It looks amazing on her, and she knows it.  Meow!

2.  The 1933 'Art Deco Love Dress and Jacket
(Eva Dress reprint of Butterick No.5756)

     A very close second, this was previously my favourite outfit.  Katherine Hepburn wore it in the 1933 RKO film “Christopher Strong.”  

Photos Courtesy RKO Pictures LLC

     I love the way this outfit fits, hugging her waist and hips, then draping away into a full skirt.  The jacket has great details like cutout mutton sleeves that gives the outfit a strikingly bold silhouette.
     I’ve been hoping that Debi will make another one in blue with Grant Tartan for the jacket, to match me in my kilt when we go to a ceilidh or similar event.  The fabric is in the stash now, so it will happen.

(Wearing History‘s “Manhattan Melodrama”)

     Definitely a Valentine’s Day to remember:   Debi was making this dress up until we had to run out for our dinner reservation at The Voodoo Rooms.  I think I may have even had to phone ahead to push it back for half an hour.   It was an amusing start to a wonderful, romantic evening, and she looked ravishing – I felt like the luckiest man in the world (as I often do).   She wore it again for my graduation ball in 2012, looking classically elegant.  This is another one I like enough to see made again in another colour, but the red looks great on her, and was perfect for Valentine's Day.

4. The 1938 'THE Awards Gown'  (McCall No.9777)

     Another fast-paced, up-to-the-last-minute make:  Debi had to leave for London  shortly after the photo on the left was taken, to attend the Times Higher Education Awards Ceremony.  
     I love the colour on Debi, the opalescent pattern (she did an amazing job of matching up the vines), and the silhouette.  
     It’s graceful, powerful, and feminine.   It has just the right amount of slink for a formal occasion, and the bolero is an elegant accompaniment.  The waist is fitted down to the small of her back, where it drapes beautifully down to her ankles.   A eye-catching look for a black tie event.

5. The 1937 'Birthday Dress Suit' (McCall No. 9156)

     This was another great outfit:  The autumnal colours look really nice together and I really liked her choice of buttons and contrasting fabrics.  Again, I love what the 30's lines do with the tailored bust and waist, accentuating the graceful, long curve from her shoulders to the middle of her hips, where the fabric falls away, flaring slightly to mid-calf.  It's a very flattering silhouette.  The hat is pretty awesome as well.

To be continued...


  1. Wow, David! You know a lot about fashion! Your outfit descriptions are spot on. The outfits you chose are all fantastic. You are very lucky :)

  2. great picks david, the art deco is my favourite and the first one that introduce me to Debi

  3. David, I could not agree with you more about the hairstyle from the pic #1! I've always been wondering how much time and efforts does it take to make something so increadible!

  4. Debi is very lucky to have someone who appreciates her passion for beautifully made vintage :o) great choices x

  5. OMG!!! How I love a man who can talk about sleeve caps and drape and at the same time praising his woman to the skies. So great! I love that first dress so much. I've always been partial to brown dresses. I think it's the duality of the nature of brown. You can pretend you're Jane Eyre but look like Rita Hayworth. She looks gorgeous in that dress, oh yes she does! You are both lucky.

  6. Thanks.
    I've learned a lot by watching Debi, asking her questions, and of course, reading her blog. Praising her to the skies has always come naturally.

    Yes, that first dress is a winner. I love your Jany Eyre/Rita Hayworth comment. I suspect Debi's going to love that as well.

  7. Hi.

    Yes, that hairstyle is a winner - definitely a look I would see repeated, as she looked fantastic.

    Debi had spent a good part of the early afternoon getting pampered at the Miss Dixiebelle Salon, here in Edinburgh. Arianna, the stylist cut and styled her hair so I'm not sure how long it'd take to simply style it. There was a lot of product and pins holding that together, so it's probably not an everyday look for Debi.

    She generally puts her hair in curlers or pin curls the night before, then takes anywhere from half and hour to forty-five minutes to do hair and make-up before a shoot.

    If you're in Edinburgh, Miss Dixiebelle's is a great place for hair and nails, and vintage fashions.

  8. I know what I like. ;)
    Debi's been great about teaching me and I'm an inquisitive soul, so I do my best to keep up. I've found that knowing more about the elements of fashion make for better photographs that showcase her creations.
    Yeah, I'm a lucky guy.

  9. You have the same great taste as you wife ;) Excellent choices!

  10. Wow! The way you write about both Debi, and her clothes, is just amazing! What a lucky, lucky lady she is! And you are right. She does look stunning in all these makes.

  11. David, you're the best! It's always so fun to see a post from you pop up! My husband and I usually have very different opinions about my sewn garments, so it's fun to see another partner perspective! You've made amazing choices (although honestly, everything Debi makes is amazing)!

  12. David!!! I love your guest posts! It's so nice to see your perspective on Debi's wonderful sewing.

  13. Awww... David, you are so adorable! You're a lucky guy, and she's a lucky lady.

  14. Thank you, Tilly!
    We're excited about the book release of "Love at First Stitch!"

    Hope all's well with you.

  15. Hi, Ginger,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree with the last words.

    Debi and I don't always agree but then, I don't have to wear the dresses. ;)

    I love the joy she gets out of sewing, and the fashions do look great on her. I love that she's developed her own signature style for everyday, and that she feels a great sense of accomplishment through her sewing. The support and enjoyment she gets from her interaction with other sewists makes her even happier.
    I'm so glad she's found vintage sewing and that's what really matters. A happy wife makes for a happy life. :D


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