Monday, June 24, 2013

Shop my Vintage Pattern Stash!

One of the things I noticed when moving--was how many patterns I have!  I've decided to sell a few of my treasured patterns to get them out into the sewing world and also to add to my sewing room makeover piggy bank :-)

I'm offering all my readers a 10% discount on these patterns in my Etsy shop.  Just use code 'SEWINGHAPPY' at check-out!

Here's a few of the patterns I've just listed (you may recognise some of these!):

McCall 3193, gown pattern from 1939:

McCall 8501, cape pattern from 1935:

McCall 4051, dress pattern from 1941:

Economy Design E98 and E84, two pinafore patterns from the 1950s:

McCall 9759, sundress, blouse and scarf pattern from 1938:

Vogue 6625, 1960s mod dress pattern:

McCall 7143, 1960s sheath dress with neat panels:

McCall 9156, dress and jacket pattern from 1937:

Man, I LOVE vintage patterns!  Aren't they great?


  1. Yay! Just snagged the sheath dress with panels!

  2. Was so busy I didn't check blogs until too late to snag that wooon-derful cape pattern, which I coveted the moment you blogged it. Congrats on a near-sellout!

  3. Aw! I was hoping to catch the cape too! Oh well. Like I really need another project.

  4. haha i've been stalking you on Etsy and didnt even know it!

  5. You're killing me!!! That 1935 cape? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, and of course it sold yesterday! Now you're REALLY killing me lol. What a lucky duck that buyer was...

  7. I wanted the cape too! Lucky buyer indeed.

  8. Perhaps the McCalls 8501 Cape buyer was Lady Amanda Harlech for Barbour Gold Label. Her F/W 2014 Pirouette Cape is a copy with the cape hemmed at hip height.


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