Thursday, May 23, 2013

News Alert: The Guardian Fashion Blog Gets into Sewing!

The Guardian--one of my favourite newspapers EVER....and guess who's just joined their fashion bloggers network??  Karen from Did you Make That!!!  I am SUPER excited to see Karen's amazing work featured and that she will get more people excited about sewing, crochet and knitting!  I LOVE Karen's writing so can't wait to see some of the features she has in store (Sewing in Sixty Seconds tutorials, guides to fabric stores, Knifty Knitting Projects...and more) YAY!

Yup, I think it's official...we are slowing taking over the world, one sewing project at a time :-)


  1. Yes, lets take over the world, one sewing project at a time. :-)

  2. I'm excited to see that they're putting craft in the mainstream papers, plus I love her blog!

  3. I love that they'll put a sewing/knitting blog into the fashion sections. Goodness knows we have strong opinions about style!

    1. Oooh And how awesome that you got a shout out, even thought she did "out" you as being from the other side of the pond! LOL

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