Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew Grateful Post: Reflections Link Party

It was so much fun seeing all the giveaways in yesterday's link party!  Feel free to continue uploading giveaways to that post and check back often as many new giveaways are listed!

As part of Sew Grateful Week, today is all about reflection.  Reflecting on what role sewing has played in our lives, reflecting on those who have been supportive in our journey and reflecting on what the online community means to us!  What are you sew grateful for?  Add the link to your blog post below.

For those without blogs, I'm collecting your reflections and will add those to a blog post this week!  Feel free to send me a paragraph on what the online sewing community means to you (email me at: myhappysewingplace[at]googlemail[dot]com).


  1. How nice to see everyone's posts (and to be introduced to even more blogs - how will I ever find the time to read them all?!) and everyone's take on this theme. Thank you for organising this!

  2. This is such a great idea:)


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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