Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Report from the Fringe} Paris Cafe Recital

Event: Paris Cafe Recital

Venue: St. Mary's Cathedral

Cost: £5

Review: St Mary's Cathedral was transformed into a candlelit Paris cafe for a night of French song, croissants and coffee with Oliver Brewer (tenor), Judy Brown (alto) and Duncan Ferguson (piano).  What a wonderful combination. Absolutely enchanting--I loved it so much!! There's something about listening to french arias in the vastness of a cathedral that makes them so enchanting.  Plus, on our way to the cathedral we saw a beautiful sunset!  What a great evening.

What I Wore: I wore my Ness Lady Jane dress as a tunic over a halter top and cigarette pants.


  1. I want your life. Okay so if I can't have your life, can you at least share with me the pattern for the cigarette pants. Please don't tell me they are ready to wear; I don't live on your side of the pond.

  2. The night sounds like it was heavenly!

  3. Foxy mama, you look great! What a neat event!

  4. Oh, how lovely!!! I am definitely a fan of your outfit and sunsets - what a great evening!

  5. Living the life and looking tres chic!


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