Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today's my mum's birthday! I'm sad to be so far away but thank goodness for skype :-)

Here's some photos of my mom from June 1964, isn't she stylish?  I've been wanting to make a pink suit like this for awhile:

And I love this outfit:

My mom and I are very similar--we have the same funny sense of humor, we both delve passionately into our projects, we both get all teared up at silly commercials and sad movies and we love staying up late and talking about everything!  I love you mom and hope you have a fantastic birthday!!


  1. Your mum certainly was (and I'm sure still is) a very stylish lady! I love how a bit of English crept in your post and you wrote 'mum' ;o)

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  3. Happy birthday Debi's mum!! The pink suit is awesome!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Debi´s mom!!! Do you know that year 64 I was coming into the world???
    I have a vague memory of seeing ladies whit these suits on the street. Definitely, I´m wrong in time to life!

  5. Happy Birthday, Debi's mom!

    Sigh. My mom and I used to stay up to truly ungodly hours talking.

  6. Lovely post. My mother had a very similar suit to the peach one. Mum's was lime green crinolene.

  7. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom. Happy Birthday to you Debi's Mom.

  8. Happy birthday to your stylish mum!!


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