Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lapped Seams: A Common 1940 Technique

I'm still progressing on McCall 3638 and the bodice calls for lapped seams:

Especially on the yoke:

Here's a close-up of the lapped seams I have been working on for McCall 3638:

There was also a lapped seam action going on in the McCall 1940 sundress I made, specifically on the set-in belt:

I like lapped seams though I must say topstitching still makes me nervous :-)


  1. Lapped seams are really the only way to sew some of those magnificent seams, like the yoke you showed. I like to use a 1/4" quilting foot (which I modded by ripping off the little guide) with my needle set about halfway between the middle and far right. Then I use the edge of my foot to keep the top-stitching straight, works really well...

    I don't know what you're worried about, yours looks great! Can't wait to see the pink stripe.

  2. Uhm... I´m very intringued with that pattern. I can´t wait to find out.

  3. Very neat! I've been doing some top stitching for my Simplicity 3688 skirt and despite using an edge-stitching foot with a guide on it, it's still a little wobbly!

  4. I too am working with lapped seams for the first time in a 40s blouse, still fine tuning the width of the seam....nice work!

  5. I agree, everything else is so easy to hide, but top stitching... eee!

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