Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss Newport 1948

I have some more lovely photos from the Miss Newport pageant--except this time from 1948 when Beverly Jean Duncan won the title.

I must say, I'm not as excited by the 1948 swimsuits as I was by the ones from 1947 (they are a bit too shiny for my taste--look more like foundational garments then swimsuits)...what do you think?

I do love these photos of Beverly Jean on the beach:

And this photo in front of the Yaquina Bay Bridge:

And here is a photo of the Miss Newport delegation for 1948 (lots of culotte shorts):


  1. Great pictures; but you're right, they do look more like foundational garments. I like the ones from 1947 better as well.


  2. I agree too. I like Beverly Jean's suit the best of the 1948 ones.


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