Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miss Newport 1947

I came across some great photos of the Miss Newport contest from 1947.  The winner was a lovely lady named Helen McFetridge.

I think I am in love with the last two swimsuits!

And I absolutely adore this picture:

Here is the Miss Newport delegation in front of the Abbey Pier and the Abbey Hotel:

And this photo on the beach (I LOVE this swimsuit!!):


  1. These are great pictures. Love the swimsuits.


  2. For a moment I thought it was Newport South Wales where I went to school but it was always to cold for swimsuits and being glamourous....
    I wish I had an ounce as much glamour as those girls in the photo

  3. I love that last swimsuit on the right! If I even make a retro suit, it's now going to look like that.
    Thanks for posting such lovely pics.


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